WinUI Calendar (SfCalendar) Overview

20 May 20211 minute to read

The WinUI Calendar control allows users to view and interact with a calendar so that they can navigate by month, year, decade, or century. A user can select a single date or multiple dates or a range of dates. It supports different date formats and cells UI customization. Date selection can be restricted by specifying minimum and maximum dates. Specific dates can also disabled from selection.

Control structure

WinUI Calendar Control

Key Features

  • Calendar supports different culture and language types.
  • Allows to change the direction of navigation within a view.
  • Allows single, multiple and range of dates selection.
  • Customize Calendar control display formats using abbreviated days and months.
  • UI customization support for each cells.
  • Supports highlighting special dates with icons.
  • Supports blocking certain dates from selection and user interaction.