Selection Mode

At run time, the items in the FontListBox can be selected based on the selection mode specified in the SelectionMode property. Selection can be made using mouse and keyboard.

The FontListBox contains the following options:

  • one
  • MultiSimple
  • MultiExtended
this.fontListBox1.SelectionMode = System.Windows.Forms.SelectionMode.MultiExtended;
Me.fontListBox1.SelectionMode = System.Windows.Forms.SelectionMode.MultiExtended

Windows Forms FontListBox showing different selection modes

ScrollBar settings

By default, the FontListBox control has a vertical scrollbar. It can also contain a horizontal scrollbar. This section explains the properties that sets the scrollbar to the control.

Horizontal scrollbar

The HorizontalScrollbar can be displayed if the items are beyond the right edge of the FontListBox.

Properties Description
HorizontalScrollbar Sets the horizontal scrollbar for the control if the item exceeds beyond the right edge of the FontListBox control.
HorizontalExtent Specifies the width of the control when the HorizontalScrollBar property is set to true.
this.fontListBox1.HorizontalExtent = 150;
this.fontListBox1.HorizontalScrollbar = true;
Me.fontListBox1.HorizontalExtent = 150
Me.fontListBox1.HorizontalScrollbar = True

Windows Forms FontListBox shows horizontal scrollbar

See Also

How to display the scrollbars always irrespective of the number of items?

FontListBox items


We can set the height of the item inside the listbox through ItemHeight property. Default value is 15.

this.fontListBox1.ItemHeight = 20;
Me.fontListBox1.ItemHeight = 20

Windows Forms FontListBox showing reduced height of listbox


Sorting of the items can be enabled using the Sorted property. By default, the value of this property is false.

this.fontListBox1.Sorted = true;
Me.fontListBox1.Sorted = True

AutoCompleting the items

The FontListBox control has the ability to auto complete the items as you type in the list box. This feature is enabled by setting the UseAutoComplete property to true.

this.fontListBox1.UseAutoComplete = true;
Me.fontListBox1.UseAutoComplete = True


The SelectedIndexChanged event occurs when the ListBox.SelectedIndex property is changed.

The following code snippet allows you to set a selected font style for a label on selecting through a FontListBox using the SelectedIndexChanged event.

private void fontListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    this.label1.Font = new Font(this.fontListBox1.SelectedItem.ToString(), 11, FontStyle.Regular);
Private Sub fontListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
    Me.label1.Font = New Font(Me.fontListBox1.SelectedItem.ToString(), 11, FontStyle.Regular)
End Sub