Path Support in Windows Forms Carousel

26 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

The Carousel control supports arranging items in the following paths:

  • Default (elliptical)
  • Orbital
  • Oval
  • Linear


Items will be arranged in a normal elliptical path.

this.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Default;
Me.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Default


Items will be arranged like an orbital curve.

this.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Orbital;
Me.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Orbital


Items will be arranged in an oval structure.

this.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Oval;
Me.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Oval


Items will be arranged in a linear structure.

this.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Linear;
Me.carousel1.CarouselPath = CarouselPath.Linear