Windows Forms Calculation Engine (Calculate) Overview

26 Apr 20211 minute to read

Essential Calculate is a native .NET class library which enables to parse and compute the expression or formulas with 400+ predefined functions. It can be used in any .NET environment, including C#, VB.NET and managed C++ code.
It is a non-UI component which provides a full-fledged object model that facilitates formula calculation support without any dependency of Microsoft Office COM libraries & Microsoft Office. This library can be used in Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, Xamarin and UWP application.

The range of calculations include simple algebraic expressions such as (1.2^3-1)/8, to formulas using intrinsic functions like 4 * sqrt(exp(8.4)), to formulas relying on variables that are defined through controls on a form such as cos([textBox1] * pi()/180), to spreadsheet-like formulas
such as Sum(A2:B14).

Following are the key features of Essential Calculate,

  • Extensive calculation support can be added to the user’s own business objects.
  • It comes with a function library of more than 400+ entries of formulas.
  • It provides support to named ranges, dynamic references, array formulas and formula dependencies.
  • Supports cross sheet references (can work with multiple sheets).
  • Supports custom functions with n-number of optional arguments.
  • Culture-sensitive decimal separator and argument separator.
  • It can be used in conjunction with Essential XlsIO, to fully load, manipulate and compute Excel spreadsheets.
  • It does not depend upon Microsoft Excel and thus enables you to perform calculations independent of Excel.