Javascript Spreadsheet Ribbon

28 Sep 20202 minutes to read

A ribbon is a command bar that organizes a Spreadsheet’s features into a series of tabs at the top of the control.

Ribbon Customization

You can perform the Ribbon customization in the following two ways.

1) Initial Load

2) Methods

Initial Load

The Ribbon customization can be done at Initial load by using ribbonSettings API. In ribbonSettings applicationTab options is available for ribbon customization.

Application Tab

To set application tab in Spreadsheet, applicationTab property is used. The following options are available in applicationTab settings.

  • type is used to set application tab type in Spreadsheet.
  • menuSettings is used to indicate menu settings for application tab in Spreadsheet. The following options are available in menuSettings.

    1) isAppend is used to enable or disable isAppend property in ribbon settings.

    2) dataSource is used to specify the data source to append in application tab.


You can also customize the ribbon by using the following methods.

Feature Method Name Description
Add BackStage Item


To add a new item in the backstage.
Add Contextual Tabs


To add the contextual tabs in the ribbon.
Add Menu Item


To dynamically add the menu item in the file menu.
Add Tab


To dynamically add the tab in the ribbon.
Add Tab Group


To dynamically add the tab group in the ribbon.
Auto Sum


To insert the few type (SUM, MAX, MIN, AVG, COUNT) of formulas in the selected range of cells in the Spreadsheet.
Change Dimension


To change the dimensions for chart/picture.
Disable Ribbon Items


To disable ribbon items in the Spreadsheet.
Enable Ribbon Items


To enable ribbon items in the Spreadsheet.
Hide Menu


To hide the file menu in the ribbon tab.
Remove BackStage Item


To remove the item from the backstage in the Spreadsheet.
Remove Menu Item


To remove the menu item from file menu in Spreadsheet.
Remove Tab


To remove the tab from ribbon in the spreadsheet.
Remove Tab Group


To remove the tab group from ribbon in the Spreadsheet.
Show Menu


To show the file menu in the ribbon tab.
Update Menu Item


To update the menu item in the file menu.
Update Ribbon Icons


To update the ribbon icons in the Spreadsheet.