ASP.NET Core Spreadsheet Overview

23 Jun 20201 minute to read

The Spreadsheet control is a Microsoft Excel-like Spreadsheet component for web. It provides editing experience that is very similar to that of excel. The Spreadsheet control includes all the important features of Microsoft Excel like editing, sorting, filtering, formulas, data validation, formatting, table and charts.

Key Features

The key features of Spreadsheet control for ASP.NET Core are:

  • Editing - Provides support to edit the cell content.
  • Sorting - Helps you to visualize and figure out your data better, organize and find the data quickly that you want.
  • Filtering - Offers Excel-like filtering to filter data.
  • Formulas - Allows you to handle calculations in cells.
  • Table - Allows you to manage and analyze a group of related data.
  • Formatting - Provides various formatting support like cell formatting, number formatting, text formatting.
  • Data Validation - Helps you to restrict the users to enter the valid data in a range.
  • Conditional Formatting - Allows you to highlight range of cells with a certain colors, depending on the provided conditions.
  • Chart – Allows you to have graphical representation of data.
  • Fill Series - Allows you to drag fill data based on adjacent cell data.
  • Printing – Allows you to print whole sheet / selected range of data.