ColorBar in WPF Surface Chart (SfSurfaceChart)

23 Oct 2019 / 1 minute to read

ColorBar is used to represent the value range in surface via colors. You can define ColorBar for surface chart as shown in the following code example.

<chart:SfSurfaceChart />


		<chart:ColorBar DockPosition="Right" ></chart:ColorBar>
<chart:SfSurfaceChart />
SfSurfaceChart surface = new SfSurfaceChart();

surface.ColorBar = new ChartColorBar();

surface.DockPosition = ChartDock.Right;

The following properties are used to customize the ColorBar.


Name Description

Gets or sets the dock value that is used to position the ColorBar at top, bottom, left and right.


Gets or sets bool that represent whether showing the label in ColorBar.