Text Extraction Engines in WPF Pdf Viewer

1 Feb 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion WPF PDF Viewer extracts text information from PDF files through two different engines for performing text search, text selection, creating text markups and more.

  • PDFium (Google Chrome’s text extraction engine)
  • SfPdf (Syncfusion’s own text extraction engine)


Before version, we used our own text extraction engine (SfPdf) to perform text-based operations in the PDF pages. We have updated our default text extraction engine to PDFium from version

The PDFium text extraction engine is recommended for improved performance. However, you may still use our old text extraction engine by setting the TextExtractionEngine property to SfPdf. Refer to the following code snippet to apply the same.

pdfViewer.TextExtractionEngine = PdfTextExtractionEngine.SfPdf;