Localization in WPF Pdf Viewer

4 Sep 2020 / 2 minutes to read

Localization is the process of configuring the application to a specific language. PdfViewerControl provides support to localize all the static text used for tooltip and context menu contents. Localization can be done by adding resource file (Resx) in the application.
The following table shows the default values for the common text used in the PdfViewerControl which is in en-US culture:

Name Value
AddLayer Click to add a layer
Appearance Appearance
Author Author
BackgroundColor Background Color :
BookmarkTitle Bookmarks
BorderColor Border Color :
BorderThickness Border Thickness :
Cancel Cancel
CloseBookmark Click to close the bookmark pane
CloseFontPopUp Click to close the text properties
CloseLayer Click to close the layer pane
CloseSearchBar Close Search Bar
CloseThumbnail Click to close the thumbnail pane
Color Color :
ColorPicker Color Picker
Copy Copy
CurrentPageNumber Current page index
DecreaseMagnification Click to decrease the magnification of the entire page.
Delete Delete
DeleteLayer Click to delete a layer
DocumentProtected This document is protected. Please enter a Document Open Password.
DrawCircle Circle
DrawingTools Drawing Tools
DrawInk Draw free form
DrawLine Line
DrawRectangle Rectangle
EnlargePageThumbnails Enlarge page thumbnails
EnterPassword Enter Password:
EssentialPdfViewer Essential Pdf Viewer
FillColor FillColor :
FitPage Click to show one page at a time.
FitWidth Click to fill the window with each page and scroll through pages continuously.
FreeTextBox Add text box
FreeTextProperties Free Text Properties
General General
GoToFirstPage Click to go to first page in the document.
GoToLastPage Click to go to last page in the document.
GoToNextPage Click to go to next page in the document.
GoToPreviousPage Click to go to previous page in the document.
HighlightProperties Highlight Properties
HighlightText Highlight text
IncreaseMagnification Click to increase the magnification of the entire page.
InkProperties Ink Properties
LayerTitle Layers
LineProperties Line Properties
MakeDefault Make Properties Default
MatchCase Match Case
Modified Modified
Next Next
NoMatchesFound Reader has finished searching the document. No matches were found
Of of
Ok Ok
Opacity Opacity (%) :
OpenDocument Click to open a PDF Document
OpenPopupNote Open Pop-up Note
OvalProperties Oval Properties
PageCount Total page count
PasswordCancelButton Cancel
PasswordOkButton OK
Previous Previous
PrintDocument Click to Print this PDF file or pages from it.
Properties Properties
RectangleProperties Rectangle Properties
ReducePageThumbnails Reduce page thumbnails
Rename Rename
SaveDocument Click to save the document in the local disk
SearchIndicator Searching
SearchText Click to search text
StrikeoutProperties StrikeOut Properties
StrikeoutText Strikethrough text
Subject Subject
TextProperties Text Properties
Thickness Thickness :
ThumbnailTitle Page Thumbnails
UnderlineProperties Underline Properties
UnderlineText Underline text
ViewBookmarks Click to view the bookmarks
ViewLayers Click to view the layers
ViewThumbnails Click to view the thumbnails
ZoomLevel Current zoom level

Adding Resource file

  • Create a folder names Resources in your application.
  • Add default English (“en-US”) Resx (resource) file of PdfViewerControl in Resources folder named as Syncfusion.PdfViewer.WPF.resx.
  • Create a Resx (resource) files and named as Syncfusion.PdfViewer.WPF.[Culture name].resx. For example, Syncfusion.PdfViewer.WPF.fr.resx for French culture.
  • Add the resource key such as OpenDocument and its corresponding localized value in Syncfusion.PdfViewer.WPF.fr.resx file. Refer the below screenshot for the same.
  • Execute the application in the French culture to see the changes.

Resource file

The following screenshot shows the PdfViewerControl in French language


Localize Resource File with Different Assembly or Namespace

In general, PdfViewerControl try to read the resource file from executing assembly and its default namespace by using Assembly.GetExecuteAssembly method. When the resource file is located at different assembly or namespace, then it can be set to the PdfViewerControl by using LocalizationManager.SetResources method.

public MainWindow()
    Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentUICulture = new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("fr-FR");
	// Set the Custom assembly and namespace for the localization.
	LocalizationManager.SetResources(typeof(Custom_Class).Assembly, "ClassLibrary");