Editable Support in WPF ComboBox (ComboBoxAdv)

1 Jul 20211 minute to read


It allows user to edit the text in the ComboBoxAdv.

Property Description Type Data Type Reference links
IsEditable It is possible to edit the text of ComboBoxAdv. Dependency Property Boolean NA

Adding IsEditable property to an application

IsEditable property can be added directly to an application in the following way:

<syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv IsEditable="true"></syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv>
ComboBoxAdv comboBox = new ComboBoxAdv();       
comboBox.IsEditable = true;

Adding IsEditable property to an application

Auto Complete Support in WPF ComboBox

You can able to find the expected item from the dropdown of the ComboBoxAdv and it can be enabled by using the AutoCompleteMode property. It can be used for both single and multiple selections on editable mode.

There are three different AutoComplete modes:

Suggest: Suggestions are displayed in a drop-down menu.

None: No suggestion is made.

Default value is None.


By setting the AutoCompleteMode property to Suggest, a list of possible matches will be suggested and displayed in the drop-down list. The search text are included or start with the suggested items.

<syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv AutoCompleteMode="Suggest"/>
ComboBoxAdv comboBox = new ComboBoxAdv();       
combobox.AutoCompleteMode = AutoCompleModes.Suggest;

WPF ComboBoxAdv AutoComplete suggest mode


Suggest mode will be applicable only when the ComboBoxAdv is populated with ItemSource collection. When AutoCompleteMode is set to Suggest and IsTextSearchEnabled is set to True in editable mode, AutoCompleteMode will take precedence.


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