Delimiter String Customization in WPF ComboBox

17 Feb 20221 minute to read

A Delimiter string in a ComboBoxAdv is “A string that can be displayed between the selected items in the ComboBoxAdv”. We can customize this string by using the property called SelectedValueDelimiter in the ComboBoxAdv.

Property Description Type Data Type Reference links
SelectedValueDelimiter The selected items can be separated by the given string. Dependency Property String NA

Adding delimiter string customization to an application

Delimiter string customization can be added directly to an application using the following code snippet:

<syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv SelectedValueDelimiter="#"></syncfusion:ComboBoxAdv>
ComboBoxAdv comboBox = new ComboBoxAdv();     
comboBox.SelectedValueDelimiter = "#";