WPF Calendar (CalendarEdit) Overview

The CalendarEdit control provides implementation of DateTime values in a calendar form. It therefore supports full range of dates allowed by that object. Effectively, any date ranging from year 0 to year 9999 A.D. can be displayed. It displays a calendar through where you can navigate to any day in a selected year. Its template can be easily modified just like any other WPF control. It is added with in-built animation to navigate between months.

Elaborate structure of the control

The various elements of CalendarEdit control are illustrated in the following image.

wpf calendar control structure


  • CalendarEdit supports different Culture Types.
  • The CalendarEdit can be displayed in the following two modes. Standard and Vista.
  • Different built-in skins are available to give a good look and feel to the control.
  • It has options to change the direction of month while navigation.
  • The appearance of the header and selection border can be customized using different brushes.
  • You can select more than one “Date” value at a time.
  • Display area of Calendar control is limited using abbreviated days and months.
  • A ToolTip can be set to the required date, or by row and column.