External and Internal Dependencies

19 Oct 20165 minutes to read

The Kanban control has the following list of external JavaScript dependencies.

Refer to the internal dependencies in the following table.

Files Description/Usage
ej.core.min.js It is referred always before using all the JS controls.
ej.data.min.js Used to handle data operation and is used while binding data to the JS controls.
ej.touch.min.js It is referred when using touch functionalities in Kanban.
ej.draggable.min.js It is referred when using drag and drop in Kanban.
ej.kanban.min.js Kanban core script file which includes kanban related scripts files such as ej.kanban.base.js, ej.kanban.common.js,ej.kanban.dragAndDrop.js,ej.kanban.edit.js,ej.kanban.adaptive.js,ej.kanban.filter.js, ej.kanban.scroller.js,ej.kanban.selection.js,ej.kanban.swimlane.js and ej.kanban.context.js
ej.globalize.min.js It is referred when using localization in Kanban.
ej.scroller.min.js It is referred when scrolling is used in the Kanban.
ej.waitingpopup.min.js It is referred when waiting popup used.
ej.dropdownlist.min.js These files are used while enable the Editing feature in the Kanban.
ej.toolbar.min.js These files are used while enable the Filtering feature in the Kanban.
ej.menu.min.js These files are used while enable the context menu feature in the Kanban.
ej.rte.min.js These files are used while using the cell edit type as RTE in the Kanban.


Kanban uses one or more sub-controls, therefore refer the ej.web.all.min.js (which encapsulates all the ej controls and frameworks in a single file) in the application instead of referring all the above specified internal dependencies.

To get the real appearance of the Kanban, the dependent CSS file ej.web.all.min.css (which includes styles of all the widgets) should also needs to be referred.


Uncompressed version of library files are also available which is used for development or debugging purpose and can be generated from the custom script here.