.NET MAUI Range Selector Overview

5 Jun 20231 minute to read

The Syncfusion .NET MAUI Range Selector (SfRangeSelector) is a highly interactive UI control, allowing users to select a range values within a minimum and maximum limit. It provides rich features, such as track, labels, ticks, dividers, and tooltip.

Key features

  • Numeric support - Provided functionality for selecting numeric values.
  • Content - Add a control of any type inside the range selector. It is also possible to add Charts controls.
  • Labels - Render labels with option to customize their formats based on your requirements.
  • Ticks and dividers - Provided an option to show ticks and dividers based on the slider interval. Also, minor ticks can be enabled to indicate the values between each interval. These options present the selected value in a more intuitive way for end users.
  • Discrete mode - Able to move the thumb in a discrete manner based on the provided step value.
  • Tooltip - Render a tooltip to show the selected value clearly. You can also customize the format of the text shown in the tooltip.