Overview of .NET MAUI Calendar (SfCalendar)

8 Sep 20232 minutes to read

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Calendar (SfCalendar) is a calendar control that allows users to select a Single date, Multiple dates, or a Range of dates. It provides various view options such as a Month, Year, Decade, and Century, which allow users to quickly navigate to the desired date. It also supports minimum dates, maximum dates, enable past dates, and disabled dates to restrict the date selection.

Key features

  • Multiple calendar view modes: For selection and navigation, use Month, Year, Decade, and Century calendar views.

    Multiple views in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Quick navigation: You can easily navigate to the desired date using different calendar views in the SfCalendar.

  • Enable and disable built-in view switching: Restricts or enables navigation to different calendar views using interaction.

    Single selection in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Date selection: Date selection allows you to select a Single date, Multiple dates, Range of dates, or a Multiple range of dates by interaction or programmatic selection.

    Selection Modes in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Limit date selection: Restricts interaction and navigation beyond the specified minimum and maximum dates.

    Limit date selection in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Change first day of week: You can customize the starting day of the week. The default first day of the week is Sunday.

    First day of week in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Selectable day predicate: Disable the interaction for calendar view dates and easily prevent the selection of weekends by disabling them.

    Selectable day predicate in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Highlight weekends and special dates: In MAUI Calendar, you can highlight special dates and weekend dates in the month view using different background colors and text styles.

    Weekend days highlighted in .NET MAUI Calendar.

    Special dates highlighted in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Right to left (RTL): The Calendars’ text direction can be changed by using the Right-to-left property. Enables the user to work with RTL languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic.

    Right-to-left rendering in .NET MAUI Calendar.

  • Globalization: Displays the current date and time based on the globalized date and time formats.

    Globalization for month view in .NET MAUI Calendar.