Flutter Barcodes (SfBarcodeGenerator) Overview

5 Aug 20211 minute to read

The Syncfusion Flutter Barcode Generator is a data visualization widget used to generate and display data in a machine-readable format. It provides a perfect approach to encode text using supported symbology types.

Overview flutter barcode

Overview flutter QR Code

To get start quickly with our Flutter barcode generator widget, you can check on this video.

Key Features

  • One-dimensional barcodes - Barcode Generator supports different one-dimensional barcode symbologies such as Code128, EAN8, EAN13, UPC-A, UPC-E, Code39, Code39 Extended, Code93, and Codabar.
  • Two-dimensional barcode - Barcode Generator supports popular QR code and Data Matrix.
  • Barcode customization - Customize the visual appearance of barcodes using the backgroundColor and barColor properties and adjust the size of smallest line or dot of the code using the module property.
  • Text customization - Configure to display the barcode value and customize the position and style of the barcode text.

You can get the sample in the following link: Flutter Barcodes.