Label Format in EJ 1 ASP.NET MVC PivotGauge

24 May 2019 / 1 minute to read

You can customize the format of labels displayed in the PivotGauge control using LabelFormatSettings property.

Following are the formats that can be applied to labels in PivotGauge:

  • NumberFormats - Allows the user to change the number format of the label values in PivotGauge.
  • DecimalPlaces - Allows you to set the number of digits displayed after decimal point.
  • PrefixText - Allows you to add a text at the beginning of the label.
  • SuffixText - Allows you to add text at the end of the label.

Number format for the label values can be set to any of the following type:

  • Default
  • Currency
  • Percentage
  • Fraction
  • Scientific
  • Text
  • Notation
  • cshtml
  • @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotGauge("PivotGauge1").LabelFormatSettings(labelFormatSettings=> labelFormatSettings.NumberFormats(NumberFormat.Percentage).DecimalPlaces(2).PrefixText("#*").SuffixText("*#"))

    Label format in ASP NET MVC pivot gauge control