Frame Type

Full Circle

Full Circle frame lets the PivotGauge display in circular shape. Frame type can be set using the FrameType property. By default, the frame type is “FullCircle”.

  • cshtml
  • @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotGauge("PivotGauge1").Frame(frame=> { frame.FrameType(Frame.FullCircle) })

    Half Circle

    Half Circle frame lets the PivotGauge to display in semi-circular shape. For this, frame type needs to be set as “HalfCircle” within the FrameType property and need to set StartAngle and SweepAngle for the PivotGauge in the Scales property.

  • cshtml
  • @Html.EJ().Pivot().PivotGauge("PivotGauge1").Frame(frame=>frame.FrameType(Frame.HalfCircle).HalfCircleFrameStartAngle(180).HalfCircleFrameEndAngle(360)).Scales(scale =>{ scale.StartAngle(180).SweepAngle(180).Add();})