Label format

24 May 20191 minute to read

You can customize the format of labels displayed in the pivot gauge control by using e-label-format-settings property.

Following are the formats that can be applied to labels in the pivot gauge:

  • number-format - Allows you to change the number format of the label values in the pivot gauge.
  • decimal-places - Allows you to set the number of digits displayed after the decimal point.
  • prefix-text - Allows you to add a text at the beginning of the label.
  • suffix-text - Allows you to add a text at the end of the label.

Number format for the label values can be set to any of the following types:

  • Default
  • Currency
  • Percentages
  • Fraction
  • Scientific
  • Text
  • Notation
  • <ej-pivot-gauge id="PivotGauge1">
        <e-label-format-settings number-format="Percentage" prefix-text="#*" suffix-text="*#" decimal-places="2"></e-label-format-settings>

    Label formats in ASP NET Core pivot gauge control