Real-Time Chart

8 Jun 20172 minutes to read

Chart can be updated dynamically with the real time data. Whenever you add a point or remove a point from the dataSource, you can call the redraw method to request the chart to redraw its content.


You can get the chart instance using instance method.

  • HTML
  • <!--Rendering empty Chart without data-->
    <ej-chart id="chartcontainer"
        //Using set interval to update chart dynamically
        window.setInterval(updateChart, 200);
        //Function that updates chart dynamically
        function updateChart(){
            //Creating chart instance
            var chart =  $("#chartcontainer").ejChart("instance");      
            if (chart.model.series[0].points.length > 10)
                   chart.model.series[0].points.splice(0, 1);
            var point = chart.model.series[0].points;
            var xValue = point.length > 0 ? point[point.length - 1].x + 1 : 1;
            point[point.length] = { x:  xValue, y: getRandomNum( 1000 ) }
            //Update Chart dynamically using redraw option
            //chart.redraw() can also be used here instead of redraw option

    Click here to view the online demo sample for real-time Chart.