The SfPdfViewer control has built-in AutomationId for inner elements. The AutomationId API allows the automation framework to find and interact with the inner elements of the SfPdfViewer control. The following screenshots illustrate the AutomationIds of SfPdfViewer’s inner elements.

Top toolbar

Top Toolbar

Bottom toolbar

Bottom Toolbar

Search toolbar

Search Toolbar

Annotation toolbar

Annotation Toolbar

Text markup annotation toolbar

Text markup annotation Toolbar

Highlight annotation toolbar

Highlight annotation Toolbar

Underline annotation toolbar

Underline annotation Toolbar

Strikethrough annotation toolbar

Strikethrough annotation Toolbar

Shape annotation toolbar

Shape annotation Toolbar

Rectangle annotation toolbar

Rectangle annotation Toolbar

Ellipse annotation toolbar

Ellipse annotation Toolbar

Line annotation toolbar

Line annotation Toolbar

Arrow annotation toolbar

Arrow annotation Toolbar

Ink annotation toolbar

Ink annotation Toolbar

Free text annotation toolbar

Free text annotation Toolbar

Thickness selection toolbar

Thickness selection Toolbar

Color selection toolbar

Color selection Toolbar

Ink Annotation - Undo, Redo toolbar

Ink Annotation Undo Redo Toolbar

Signature pad

Signature Pad

View mode toolbar

View mode Toolbar

More options toolbar

More options Toolbar