Hiding Prompt Characters in Xamarin Masked Entry (SfMaskedEdit)

17 May 20211 minute to read

When the HidePromptOnLeave property is set to true, prompt characters are ignored when control loses focus. Again, the prompt characters are restored when the control is focused.

<syncmaskededit:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" MaskType="Text" Mask="00/00/0000" HidePromptOnLeave="True" />
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();
maskedEdit.MaskType = MaskType.Text;
maskedEdit.Mask = "00/00/0000";
maskedEdit.HidePromptOnLeave = true;

HidePromptOnLeave support in Xamarin.Forms masked edit