Basic Features in Xamarin Masked Entry (SfMaskedEdit)

17 May 20217 minutes to read

Setting value

The SfMaskedEdit control displays the value that can be set using the Value property:

<syncmaskededit:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" Mask="00/00/0000" Value="14/11/2014"/>
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();
maskedEdit.Mask = "00/00/0000";
maskedEdit.Value =@"14/11/2014";

Customize the value in Xamarin.Forms masked edit

Setting prompt character

Displays prompt character for the absence of your input in Mask and its default value is ‘_’. You can set the custom prompt character using PromptChar property.

< syncmaskededit:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" Mask="000000" MaskType="Text" PromptChar="*"/>
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();
maskedEdit.Mask = "00/00/0000";
maskedEdit.PromptChar = '*';

Prompt character support in Xamarin.Forms masked edit

Setting watermark

The watermark will prompt you with instructions or important information when it is not on focus and any valid characters are not entered. The Watermark property of SfMaskedEdit is used to set the watermark text for the control.

The following properties are used to customize its appearance:

<syncmaskededit:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" Mask="00/00/0000" Watermark="Type here" WatermarkColor="LightGray" WatermarkFontFamily="Arial" WatermarkFontAttributes="Bold" WatermarkFontSize="20"/>
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();
maskedEdit.Mask = "00/00/0000";
maskedEdit.Watermark = "Type here";
maskedEdit.WatermarkColor = Color.LightGray;
maskedEdit.WatermarkFontFamily = "Arial";
maskedEdit.WatermarkFontAttributes = FontAttributes.Bold;
maskedEdit.WatermarkFontSize = 20;

Watermark support in Xamarin.Forms masked edit

Customize the return key

The appearance of the return key on the soft keyboard, which is displayed when SfMaskedEdit has focus, can be customized by setting the ReturnType property to a value of the ReturnType enumeration.

  • Default – indicates that no specific return key is required and that the platform default is used.
  • Done – indicates the return key “Done.”
  • Go – indicates the return key “Go”.
  • Next – indicates the return key “Next”.
  • Search – indicates the return key “Search”.
  • Send – indicates the return key “Send”.
<syncfusion:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit"  Mask="\w+@\w+\.\w+" MaskType="RegEx"  ReturnType="Search" />
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();

maskedEdit.ReturnType = ReturnType.Search;

maskededit.Mask = @"\w+@\w+\.\w+";

maskededit.MaskType = Syncfusion.XForms.MaskedEdit.MaskType.RegEx;

customize return key in Xamarin.Forms masked edit


The default value of the ReturnType property is Default.

Return command and return command parameter

ReturnCommand is triggered by pressing the return key. Additionally, You can pass the parameter through the ReturnCommandParameter property to the ICommand.

<syncfusion:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" ReturnCommand="{Binding UpdateCommand}" ReturnCommandParameter="Parameter" />
public class ViewModel 
        private ICommand commandUpdater;
        public ICommand UpdateCommand
                if (commandUpdater == null)
                    commandUpdater = new Updater();
                return commandUpdater;
                commandUpdater = value;

    class Updater : ICommand
        public event EventHandler CanExecuteChanged;
        #region ICommand Members
        public bool CanExecute(object parameter)
            return true;
        public void Execute(object parameter)


Clear button visibility

The property of ClearButtonVisibility can be used to control whether a SfMaskedEdit displays a clear button allowing the user to clear the MaskedText. This property should be set to an enumeration member of ClearButtonVisibilityMode.

  • Never - indicate control will never display a clear button and that the platform default is used.
  • WhileEditing - indicates that the clear button will be displayed in the SfMaskedEdit, while it has focus and text.


This feature is supported from Android version 5.0 (API level 21 or higher) and is not supported in the UWP platform as it already has framework level supports.

<syncfusion:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit"  Mask="\w+@\w+\.\w+" MaskType="RegEx" ClearButtonVisibility="WhileEditing" />
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();

maskededit.ClearButtonVisibility = ClearButtonVisibilityMode.WhileEditing;

maskededit.Mask = @"\w+@\w+\.\w+";

maskededit.MaskType = MaskType.RegEx;

Clear button visibility support in Xamarin.Forms masked edit

Cursor position

Cursor position in the entry can either be obtained or updated using CursorPosition property in masked edit.

Select text on focus

You can control the selection of masked edit Value when the control gets its focus using the SelectAllOnFocus property.

<edit:SfMaskedEdit x:Name="maskedEdit" Value="Enter Description"  SelectAllOnFocus="True"/>
SfMaskedEdit maskedEdit = new SfMaskedEdit();
            maskedEdit.Value = "Enter Description";
            maskedEdit.SelectAllOnFocus = true;
            this.Content = maskedEdit;

Clear button visibility support in Xamarin.Forms masked edit

Restrict editing

You can restrict the dynamic editing of the masked entry using the IsReadOnly property. But, you can change the control text programmatically by using the bindable Value property of the masked edit.