WPF DateTimePicker (DateTimeEdit) Overview

5 May 20211 minute to read

The DateTimeEdit allows you to quickly navigate and select dates using months, years, and decades of calendar. The DateTimeEdit comprises text box and a dropdown with calendar and clock to pick or edit a date with time. It supports data binding, null value, maximum and minimum dates, date validation, watermark, culture and much more. It also provides flexible options for displaying the date-time according to the format required, as well as many customization options to enhance its appearance.

Overview of DateTimeEdit control

Key features

Editing mode - Supports the default text editing and mask mode that helps to restrict the date input in formatted values based on pre-defined or custom date-time pattern.

Date-range support - Supports the maximum and minimum dates in order to prevent users from setting a date or time within a given range.

Globalization - Supports different date-time formats and patterns based on cultures.

Date validation - Supports date validation when date range constraints are met.

Accessibility - Provides touch, keyboard, and mouse support to make applications available to a wide variety of users.

Watermark - Supports to display watermark text when a selected date is null.

Styles - Provides a rich set of built-in themes and customizes the style of each part of DateTimeEdit.

Testing - Provides QTP add-in that contains custom libraries, which helps QTP to recognize DateTimeEdit.