End user capabilities in WPF Chromeless Window

The user can perform the below listed operations through the UI provided by the ChromelessWindow.

  1. Maximize/Minimize

  2. Restore

  3. Close

  4. Resize


The end user can maximize or minimize the buttons by using the Maximize and Minimize Buttons at the Top-Right corner of the ChromelessWindow



After minimized or maximized the respective button is replaced by a Restore button. By clicking on this restore button the user can bring the ChromelessWindow to its Normal state.


The user can close the Window by using the Close Button at the Top-Right Corner of the ChromelessWindow



The Window can be resize by clicking and dragging the Resizable Border

ChromelessWindow supports the following four Resize Modes

  1. NoResize

  2. CanMinimize

  3. CanResize

  4. CanResizeWithGrip


In NoResize mode, the window cannot able to resize. The Minimize and Maximize buttons are not displayed in the title bar


In this mode the window can only be minimize, since the Minimize button alone enabled.  


In CanResize Mode, a window can be resized. The Minimize and Maximize buttons are both shown and enabled


In CanResizeWithGrip mode, a window can be resized. A resize grip appears in the bottom-right corner of the window. The Minimize and Maximize buttons are both shown and enabled