Skins in WPF Breadcrumb (HierarchyNavigator)

Hierarchy Navigator supports different skins such as Windows 7, Office2010Blue, Office2010Black, Office2010Silver, Office2007Blue, Office2007Black, Office2007Silver, and Expression Blend.

Built-in skins

The Windows 7 theme is applied to the HierarchyNavigator control by default.

Add the following assemblies to apply the corresponding theme for Hierarchy Navigator control. SkinStorage class is used to apply a different visual style for a control, which is available in Syncfusion.Shared.WPF project.

  1. Create HierarchyNavigator instance either in XAML or code behind, as shown below.
<syncfusion:HierarchyNavigator x:Name="hierarchyNavigator"/>
HierarchyNavigator hierarchyNavigator = new HierarchyNavigator();
  1. Apply Visual Style as shown below in code behind by calling the static method in SkinStorage class in Syncfusion.Shared.WPF.


SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, "Default");


SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, "Office2007Blue");


SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, "Office2007Black");


SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, "Office2007Silver");

Expression blend

SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, "Blend");

Metro theme

SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, Metro");

Transparent theme

SkinStorage.SetVisualStyle(this, Transparent");