WPF Breadcrumb (HierarchyNavigator) Overview

4 May 20211 minute to read

The HierarchyNavigator control in WPF provides a bread-crumb interface, similar to the Windows Explorer address bar in Windows 7, which enables hierarchical navigation.


The features of the HierarchyNavigator control are the following:

  • Enables data binding with Business Objects, XML data, and WCF services.
  • Enables command binding with MVVM support.
  • Helps customize each template part by using Microsoft Expression Blend.
  • Provides keyboard navigation support.
  • Enables edit mode (with AutoComplete).
  • Helps display or remove the progress bar.
  • Helps customize templates with HierarchicalDataTemplate.
  • Supports multiple skins.
  • Displays history.
  • Displays ToolTips.