WPF Autocomplete (SfTextBoxExt) Overview

TextBoxExt is an extended version of the TextBox control. Most of the functionality of TextBoxExt is inherited from the SfTextBox class.

TextBoxExt - Overview

Key features

  • Auto Complete modes: The control provides the suggestions to users based on a predefined collection while typing.
  • Watermark: The control will prompt the users with some information when it is not in focus and contains an empty string.
  • Filtering suggestion items: Suggestions can be filtered in 18 different modes like StartsWith, EndWith, Contains, Equals, and Custom. AutoComplete provides the both case-sensitive and insensitive modes.
  • Popup delay: The filtering process can be delayed. Displaying filtered suggestions from a drop-down list may also be delayed for a period of time.
  • Minimum prefix characters: Instead of displaying suggestion list on every character entry, matches can be filtered and displayed after a few character entries.
  • Customize Entry: AutoComplete provides the options to customize the Entry using the Font, FontSize, and FontFamily.
  • Customize SuggestionBox: AutoComplete provides the options to customize the drop-down list.
  • Diacritic Sense: The control provides the populating the items from a language with letters containing diacritics, and search for them with English characters from an en-US keyboard.
  • Highlighting Text: The control provides the highlighting the matching text in the suggestion list based on the input given in it.
  • Custom filter: AutoComplete provides the users to filter the item in the suggestion list based on their filtering condition.
  • Multi Selection Support: Selecting multiple items from a suggestion list.
  • SuggestionBox adjustment: Adjust the position of popup relative to the control.
  • EnableAutoSize: AutoSizing can be enabled in AutoComplete control so that the control will extend its layout based on the token size.
  • AutoComplete template: You can set our own template.
  • NoResultsFoundTemplate: You can set the desire text, if the typing item does not exists in the collection.
  • Retrieving the selection: You can retrieve the selected item, index, and value.