UWP Docking (SfDockingManager) Overview

25 May 20211 minute to read

The SfDockingManager control implements an architecture, that allows child controls to be docked at any part of a page as in Microsoft Visual Studio. The dock panels containing the child elements can be interactively dragged to any area within the page. These windows can also be floated, tabbed, and auto hidden at runtime.


  • SfDockingManager supports different dock states such as Docking, Floating, AutoHide and Document.
  • Tabbed Document Interface(TDI) is available in SfDockingManager.
  • Built-in support for TabList ContextMenu and TabItem ContextMenu.
  • SfDockingManager support all possible ways for dock the elements.
  • Support for resizing Splitters.
  • Different types of auto hide animation such as Fade, Scale and Slide.
  • ToolTip support for all default buttons.
  • Localization support.