Overview of .NET MAUI Tab View (SfTabView)

18 Oct 20211 minute to read

The advanced .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Tab View is a simple and intuitive interface for tab navigation in mobile and desktop applications, where users can explore and switch between different tabs.

Key features

  • Nested tab support with different header placements.

  • Fixed and scrollable tab headers.

  • Image and text support for headers.


  • The .NET MAUI TabView can be used to optimize screen space usage when the application requires complex and huge layouts.

  • The .NET MAUI TabView contains a set of tab items that share the same space.

  • At a time, only one .NET MAUI tab item will be visible and accessible to users. Users have to tap the tab of the hidden tab item to make it visible on the screen.

TabViewImage MAUI