.NET MAUI Linear Gauge (SfLinearGauge) Overview

8 Apr 20221 minute to read

Syncfusion .NET MAUI Linear Gauge is a data visualization control to display data on a linear scale. Use this control to craft high-quality mobile app user interfaces.

Overview .NET MAUI linear gauge

Key Features

  • Orientation - The Linear Gauge can be set to vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • Scale - The scale is a set of values that can be plotted. You can customize a scale by changing the thickness and edge styles, and you can also inverse the scale.
  • Labels and Ticks - The scale elements such as labels, major ticks, and minor ticks can be customized to different styles.
  • Ranges - A range is a visual element that helps you to quickly visualize where a range falls on the scale track. Multiple ranges with different styles can be added to the Linear Gauge.
  • Pointers - A pointer is used to indicate a specific value on an scale. The gauge has three types of pointers: shape marker pointer, content marker pointer, and bar pointer. All the pointers can be customized as needed and you can also add multiple pointers in the Linear Gauge.
  • Mirror Gauge - The Linear Gauge can be mirrored. When the IsMirrored property is true, all the gauge elements will be rendered in mirror effect.
  • Animation - Animate the gauge elements in a visually appealing manner when they are loaded or their values are changed.
  • Interaction - The shape and content marker pointers in the Linear Gauge can be moved from one value to another by swiping or drag gestures.


You can get the samples in the GitHub link.