Context Menu

29 May 20199 minutes to read

Context menu is used to improve user action with Kanban using popup menu. It can be shown by defining contextMenuSettings.enable as true. Context menu has option to add default items in contextMenuSettings.menuItems and customized items in contextMenuSettings.customMenuItems.

Default Context Menu items

Please find the below table for default context menu items and its actions.

Section Context menu items Action
Header Hide Column Hide the current column
Visible Columns Show the column if already hidden
Content Add Card Start Add new card
Card Edit Card Start Edit in current card
Delete Card Delete the current card
Top of Row Move the card to Top of Row
Bottom of Row Move the card to Bottom of Row
Move Up Move the card in Up direction
Move Down Move the card in Down direction
Move Left Move the card in Left direction
Move Right Move the card in Right direction
Move to Swimlane Move the card to Swim lane which is chosen from given list
Print Card Print the specific card

The following code example describes the above behavior.

  • HTML
  • <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
        pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%><%@ taglib prefix="ej" uri="/WEB-INF/EJ.tld" %><%@ page session="false" import="org.json.simple.parser.JSONParser" %><%@ page import="com.syncfusion.*" %><%@ page session="false" import="java.util.ArrayList" %><%@ page session="false" import="java.util.Iterator" %><%@ page import="datasource.GetJsonData" %>
    	<div class="cols-sample-area"><%
    			GetJsonData obj=new GetJsonData();
        Object data = obj.GetKanbanJson();
        JSONParser parser = new JSONParser();
    		<ej:kanban id="Kanban" keyField="Status" dataSource="${KanbanDataSource}">
    			<ej:kanban-fields content="Summary" primaryKey="Id"></ej:kanban-fields>
    				<ej:kanban-column headerText="Backlog" key="Open"></ej:kanban-column>
    				<ej:kanban-column headerText="In Progress" key="InProgress"></ej:kanban-column>
    				<ej:kanban-column headerText="Done" key="Close"></ej:kanban-column>
    			<ej:kanban-contextMenuSettings enable="true" ></ej:kanban-contextMenuSettings>

    The following output is displayed as a result of the above code example.

    Default sub context menu items in JSP kanban control

    Default context menu items in JSP kanban control