30 Jan 20181 minute to read

Right-to-Left or RTL describes the ability of application to handle and responds you to communicate with a right-to-left language, such as Arabic or Japanese. enableRTL property is used to change the rendering format to “Right-to-Left”. By default, legend and tooltip will be rendered as “Left-to-Right” in Maps.

  • JS
  • $("#maps").ejMap({
                    enableRTL: true,

    In default legend, after setting [enableRTL] is set as true, legend text will be rendered first, and then legend icon will be rendered.

    Interactive legend

    If enableRTL is set as true, then whole interactive legend will be rendered from right-to-left, which means left label will be rendered at right side, and right label will be rendered at left side. Also, navigation arrow position will be changed to right side.


    If [enableRTL] is set as true, tooltip will be rendered at the left side of the mouse cursor.