Flutter PDF Viewer (SfPdfViewer) Overview

21 Jun 20211 minute to read

The Syncfusion Flutter PDF Viewer widget lets you view PDF documents seamlessly and efficiently in Android, iOS, Web and macOS platforms. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as magnification, virtual scrolling, page navigation, text selection, text search, and bookmark navigation.

Key Features

  • Virtual Scrolling - Easily scroll through the pages in the document with a fluent experience. The pages are rendered only when required to increase the loading and scrolling performance.
  • Magnification - The content of the document can be efficiently zoomed in and out.
  • Text selection - Select text presented in a PDF document.
  • Text search - Search for text and navigate to all its occurrences in a PDF document instantly.
  • Page navigation - Navigate to the desired pages instantly.
  • Bookmark navigation - Bookmarks saved in the document are loaded and made ready for easy navigation. This feature helps navigate the topics bookmarked already within the PDF document.
  • Document link annotation navigation - Navigate to the desired topic or position by tapping the document link annotation of the topics in the table of contents in a PDF document.
  • Themes - Easily switch between light and dark themes.
  • Localization - All static text within the PDF Viewer can be localized to any supported language.