Localization in Flutter PDF Viewer (SfPdfViewer)

8 Jun 20221 minute to read

By default, the SfPdfViewer widget supports US English localization. You can change the other languages by specifying the MaterialApp properties and adding the flutter_localizations and syncfusion_localizations package to your application.

To use flutter_localizations and syncfusion_localizations, add the packages as a dependency to the pubspec.yaml file.

  • DART
  • dependencies:
      sdk: flutter
    syncfusion_localizations: ^XX.X.XX

    Next, import the flutter_localizations and syncfusion_localizations library and specify the localizationsDelegates and supportedLocales for MaterialApp to localize the contents in the SfPdfViewer (page navigation dialog and bookmark view).

    import 'package:flutter_localizations/flutter_localizations.dart';
    import 'package:syncfusion_localizations/syncfusion_localizations.dart';
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
      return MaterialApp(
        localizationsDelegates: [
        supportedLocales: [
          const Locale('fr'),
          const Locale('ru'),
          const Locale('ta'),
        locale: const Locale('fr'),
        title: 'PDF Viewer Localization',
        home: Scaffold(
          appBar: AppBar(
            title: Text('Syncfusion Flutter PDF Viewer'),
          body: SfPdfViewer.network(