Accessibility in Flutter PDF Viewer (SfPdfViewer)

28 Jul 20232 minutes to read

Screen reader

The SfPdfViewer can be accessed by the screen readers by wrapping the SfPdfViewer widget to the Semantics widget.

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
  return Scaffold(
    body: Semantics(
      label: 'Syncfusion Flutter PDF Viewer',

Sufficient contrast

The SfPdfViewer theming support provides a consistent and standardized appearance, as well as the ability to set the colors for all UI elements.

The following APIs allow you to customize the colors of the following elements:

Large fonts

The font size of the SfPdfViewer will be automatically scaled based on the device settings.

Also, you can change the font size of the SfPdfViewer elements using the following APIs:

Keyboard navigation

The SfPdfViewer supports the following keyboard interactions:

Action Windows Macintosh
Shortcuts for page navigation
Navigate to the first page Home Function+Left arrow
Navigate to the last page End Function+Right arrow
Navigate to the previous page Left arrow Left arrow
Navigate to the next page Right arrow Right arrow
Shortcuts for Zooming
Perform zoom in operation CONTROL + = COMMAND + =
Perform zoom out operation CONTROL + - COMMAND + -
Retain the zoom level to 1 CONTROL + 0 COMMAND + 0
Shortcut for Text Search
Open the search toolbar CONTROL + F COMMAND + F
Shortcut for Text Selection
Copy the selected text CONTROL + C COMMAND + C

Easier touch targets

The SfPdfViewer has touch target of 48 * 48, as per the standard for all the elements.