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EjSunburstChart provides highlighting support for the points on mouse hover. To enable the highlighting , set the enable property to true in the highlightSettings.

  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" >   

    Highlight Display mode

    You can customize the highlighted segment appearance by using color or opacity. You can choose between color or opacity using the type property in the highlight Settings.

    • HighlightByColor – To display the highlighted segment appearance using color.
    • HighlightByOpacity – To display the highlighted segment appearance using opacity.
  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" highlightSettings.type="color" highlightSettings.color="red" >   

    Highlight Mode

    Sunburst chart provides multiple option to represent the highlighted categories. You can highlight the segment categories by using the mode property in highlightSettings

    • Child – To highlight the child of selected parent.
    • All – To highlight the entire categories in group.
    • Parent – To highlight the parent of selected child.
    • Single - To highlight single item in the category.


    The following code shows how to set the highlight type as child

  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" highlightSettings.mode="child" >   


    The parent mode can be enabled by using the below code

  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" highlightSettings.mode="parent" >   


    To highlight the particular segment, the point mode of the highlight settings is used.

  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" highlightSettings.mode="point" >   


    The following code snippet is used for the all mode of highlight settings

  • HTML
  • <ej-sunburstchart  id="sunburst"   [highlightSettings.enable]="true" highlightSettings.mode="all" >   

    Click here to view the Highlighting sample of the Sunburst Chart.