Sparkline Axis in Xamarin Sparkline (SfSparkline)

18 May 20211 minute to read

Axis of the sparkline can be configured and customized using following properties. This feature is applicable for all the sparkline types except SfWinLossSparkline.

  • IsVisible - used to change the visibility of the axis.
  • StrokeColor - used to change the color of the axis.
  • StrokeWidth - used to change the width of the axis.
  • AxisOrigin - used to change the origin (positive or negative) of the axis.
<sparkline:SfLineSparkline ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" 
    <sparkline:SparklineAxis IsVisible="true"

SfLineSparkline lineSparkline = new SfLineSparkline()
    YBindingPath = "Performance",
    ItemsSource = viewModel.Data,
    Axis = new SparklineAxis()
        IsVisible = true,
        StrokeColor = Color.Red,

Axis support in Xamarin.Forms Sparkline