Markers in Xamarin Sparkline (SfSparkline)

18 May 20211 minute to read

Markers are used to highlight the data point in SfLineSparkline and SfAreaSparkline. You can use the following properties to customize the appearance.

  • IsVisible - used to change the visibility of the marker.
  • Width - used to change the width of the marker.
  • Height - used to change the height of the marker.
  • Color - used to change the color of the marker.
<sparkline:SfLineSparkline ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" 
	       <sparkline:MarkerBase IsVisible="True" 
SfLineSparkline lineSparkline = new SfLineSparkline()
    YBindingPath = "Performance",
    ItemsSource = viewModel.Data,
    Marker = new MarkerBase()
        IsVisible = true,
        Width = 15,
        Height = 15

Markers support in Xamarin.Forms Sparkline