Xamarin Radial Menu (SfRadialMenu) Overview

17 May 20211 minute to read

The Essential Xamarin SfRadialMenu displays a hierarchical menu in a circular layout, which is optimized for touch enabled devices. Typically, it is used as a context menu, and it can expose more menu items in the same space than traditional menus.

Key features

Key features in SfRadialMenu:

  • Drag — The SfRadialMenu can be floated over the layout to avoid obscuring the content behind it.
  • Rotation — SfRadialMenu supports rotating items.
  • FontIcon — The built-in icon font option helps users add vector images that prevent the control from experiencing any image glitches often faced with traditional image icons.
  • Custom view — SfRadialMenu supports the custom view like image.
  • Custom segments — Complete customization options for the menu and its items, such as coloring, sizing, placement, and shapes, using the segmentation option.
  • Auto arrange — SfRadialMenu supports automatic item arrangement.
  • Custom arrange — SfRadialMenu has options to place items as users needed.

OverView of SfRadialMenu