Methods in Xamarin Effects View (SfEffectsView)

13 May 20211 minute to read

You can add or remove effect programmatically using the ApplyEffects or Reset method.


The ApplyEffects method is used to trigger the effects rendering with or without repetition. The following are the optional parameters to be passed:

  • effects - SfEffects to be applied. By default, SfEffects.Ripple will┬ábe applied.
  • rippleStartPosition - RippleStartPosition can be left, top, right, bottom, or default. By default, ripple starts from the center.
  • rippleStartPoint - point at which ripple animation┬ástarts. The default value is null.
  • repeat - bool value used to set whether to repeat the applied effect. The default value is false. Only SfEffects.Ripple and SfEffects.Highlight can be repeated.


The SfEffects applied using ApplyEffects method will not be removed automatically.


The Reset method is used to reset the SfEffects.Highlight and SfEffects.Ripple effects, which are applied using the ApplyEffects method.