Tab Items

21 Feb 20181 minute to read

Tab items can be configured in tab view through the Items property of SfTabView, where it holds collection of SfTabItem through TabItemsCollection

var allContactsGrid = new FrameLayout(ApplicationContext);
var favoritesGrid = new FrameLayout(ApplicationContext);
var contactsGrid = new FrameLayout(ApplicationContext);
var tabItems = new TabItemCollection
new SfTabItem()
Title = "Calls",
Content = allContactsGrid
new SfTabItem()
Title = "Favorites",
Content = favoritesGrid
new SfTabItem()
Title = "Contacts",
Content = contactsGrid

tabView.Items = tabItems;

Share the header space equally

In order to share the header space equally for the , we can set the number of tabs which can be distributed in the available space though VisibleHeaderCount of SfTabView.

tabView.VisibleHeaderCount = 3;