3 Sep 20202 minutes to read

Legends are used to represent the first level (i.e root level) of categories in the sunburst chart.


The visibility of legends can be controlled using the IsVisible property.

The following code shows how to control the visibility of legend.


  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;


Legends can be docked at the top, right, left, or bottom position using the LegendPosition property.

The following code shows customizing the legend position.


  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;
  sunburstChart.Legend.LegendPosition = SunburstDockPosition.Left;

Legend icon types

Legend icon shapes can be customized using the IconType property. The IconType property provides several predefined shapes. The default legend icon type is circle.

The following predefined shapes are available in the IconType property:

  • Circle
  • Cross
  • Diamond
  • Pentagon
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle.

  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;
  sunburstChart.Legend.IconType = SunburstLegendIcon.Diamond;

Icon size customization

The size of the legend icon can be customized using the IconHeight and IconWidth properties.


  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;
  sunburstChart.Legend.IconType = SunburstLegendIcon.Diamond;
  sunburstChart.Legend.IconWidth = 15;
  sunburstChart.Legend.IconHeight = 15;

Label style

Legend label can be customized using the following properties available in LabelStyle:

  • Margin: Sets the specified margin for legend labels.
  • Color: Customizes the text color of the label.
  • TextSize: Customizes the label’s text size.
  • Typeface: Typeface of the labels can be customized.

  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;
  sunburstChart.Legend.LabelStyle.Color = Color.Red;
  sunburstChart.Legend.LabelStyle.Margin = new Thickness(5);
  sunburstChart.Legend.LabelStyle.TextSize = 14;
  sunburstChart.Legend.LabelStyle.Typeface = Typeface.Serif;

Item margin

Margin can be set to individual legend items using the ItemMargin property.


  sunburstChart.Legend.IsVisible = true;
  sunburstChart.Legend.ItemMargin = new Thickness(3, 3, 3, 3);