Populate Data

3 Sep 202010 minutes to read

This section describes on how to populate shape data for providing Data input to the Map control and usage of DataSource property.

Data Binding

The Maps control supports data binding with the DataSource property in the shape layers.

The following properties in shape layers are used for binding data in Maps control,

  • DataSource
  • ShapeIdPath
  • ShapeIdTableField


The DataSource property accepts the collection values as input.


The ShapeIdPath property refers the data ID in DataSource.


The ShapeIdTableField property is similar to the ShapeIdPath that refers to the column name in the data property of shape layers to identify the shape. When the values of the ShapeIdPath property in the DataSource property and the values of ShapeIdTableField in the data property match, the associated object from the DataSource is bound to the corresponding shape.

ShapeFileLayer layer = new ShapeFileLayer();
   layer.Uri = "usa_state.shp";         
   layer.DataSource = viewModel.Data;
   layer.ShapeIdTableField = "STATE_NAME";
   layer.ShapeIdPath = "State";

Refer the following USA Election data which is used as items source.

  • C#
  • public class ViewModel
            public ObservableCollection<ElectionData> Data { get; set; }
            public ViewModel()
                Data = new ObservableCollection<ElectionData>();
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Alabama", "Romney", 9));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Alaska", "Romney", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Arizona", "Romney", 11));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Arkansas", "Romney", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("California", "Romney", 55));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Colorado", "Obama", 9));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Connecticut", "Obama", 7));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Delaware", "Obama", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("District of Columbia", "Obama", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Florida", "Obama", 29));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Georgia", "Obama", 16));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Hawaii", "Romney", 4));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Idaho", "Obama", 4));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Illinois", "Romney", 20));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Indiana", "Obama", 11));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Iowa", "Romney", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Kansas", "Obama", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Kentucky", "Romney", 8));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Louisiana", "Romney", 8));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Maine", "Romney", 4));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Maryland", "Obama", 10));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Massachusetts", "Obama", 11));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Michigan", "Obama", 16));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Minnesota", "Obama", 10));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Mississippi", "Obama", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Missouri", "Obama", 10));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Montana", "Romney", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Nebraska", "Romney", 5));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Nevada", "Romney", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("New Hampshire", "Obama", 4));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("New Jersey", "Obama", 14));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("New Mexico", "Obama", 5));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("New York", "Obama", 29));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("North Carolina", "Romney", 15));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("North Dakota", "Romney", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Ohio", "Obama", 18));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Oklahoma", "Romney", 7));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Oregon", "Obama", 7));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Pennsylvania", "Obama", 20));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Rhode Island", "Obama", 4));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("South Carolina", "Romney", 9));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("South Dakota", "Romney", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Tennessee", "Romney", 11));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Texas", "Romney", 38));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Utah", "Romney", 6));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Vermont", "Obama", 3));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Virginia", "Obama", 13));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Washington", "Obama", 12));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("West Virginia", "Romney", 5));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Wisconsin", "Obama", 10));
                Data.Add(new ElectionData("Wyoming", "Romney", 3));
        public class ElectionData
            public ElectionData(string state, string candidate, int electors)
                State = state;
                Candidate = candidate;
                Electors = electors;
            public string State
            public string Candidate
            public int Electors