Featured Samples for Syncfusion WPF Controls

18 Nov 20211 minute to read

Syncfusion WPF Controls Panel

To explore Syncfusion WPF controls and components, Open Syncfusion WPF Controls Panel by searching it from start and open.

WPF Control Panel Search

In another way, open the Control Panel from the following installed location.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Syncfusion\Essential Studio\WPF\25.2.3\Infrastructure\Launcher\Syncfusion WPF Control Panel.exe


In above section, latest Essential Studio version details has been provided. You can refer installed Essential Studio version instead of mentioned version.

Syncfusion WPF Controls Panel

WPF Sample Browser

To explore the locally installed demos, click Run Local Demos and select either .NET Core or .NET FrameWork, which will open WPF Sample Browser.

Syncfusion WPF Sample Browser

Offline Samples

The Offline samples are available in the following installed location where you can make changes and further exploration of controls.


The offline samples can also be explored directly from the Syncfusion WPF Sample Browser and opened in Visual Studio by running the required sample and selecting the Open source code in visual studio.

Exploring Syncfusion WPF Samples from Syncfusion WPF Sample Browser

Offline showcase samples

To explore any individual showcase sample from the Syncfusion WPF Sample Browser, Click Explore Demo Source and navigate to showcase folder.

Exploring Syncfusion WPF Showcase Samples


To run the individual control demos, please refer the instruction from Running Individual Control Demos.

Online Samples

Download demos from online (Clone from github repository)

You can explore Syncfusion WPF controls using GitHub WPF demos, where all wpf demos are configured using NuGet to run without installing Syncfusion WPF Studio.

Download showcase demos from online

You can explore showcase demos from GitHub WPF demos.