ToolTip Support in WPF Range Selector (SfDateTimeRangeNavigator)

7 May 20211 minute to read

The date-time range navigator control provides tooltip support to sliders. Sliders are used to select a particular region of data in the control. Tooltips for sliders show the selected start and end date-time values. You can view the exact date values with the milliseconds precision.


The following properties are used to customize the tooltip settings:


Property Name Description


Shows or hides the tooltip.


Sets the date-time label format for the tooltip.


Sets the data template for the left tooltip.


Sets the data template for the right tooltip.
<chart:SfDateTimeRangeNavigator x:Name="RangeNavigator" 

ItemsSource="{Binding StockPriceDetails}" XBindingPath="_Date" 

ShowToolTip="true" ToolTipLabelFormat ="MMM/dd/yyyy">








SfDateTimeRangeNavigator rangeNavigator = new SfDateTimeRangeNavigator()

    ItemsSource = new ViewModel().StockPriceDetails,

    XBindingPath = "Date",

    ShowToolTip = true,

    ToolTipLabelFormat = "yyyy/MMM/dd",

    LeftToolTipTemplate = grid.Resources["tooltipTemplate"] as DataTemplate


ToolTip support in WPF SfDateTimeRangeNavigator