Calculated Members in WPF Olap Client

6 May 20211 minute to read

This feature allows users to define measures and members using the calculated member editor. The calculated member editor can be opened just by clicking the respective icon available in the OLAP client toolbar. The icon will be visible only by setting the IsCalculatedMembersEnabled property to true.

Calculated memeber option is enabled in OlapClient toolbar

Calculated member editor window

<CheckBox Name="chk_CalcMember  ToolTip="Enable/Disable Calculated Members" Content="Enable Calculated Members" 
          IsChecked="{Binding ElementName=olapClient1, Path=IsCalculatedMembersEnabled}"/>
this.olapClient1.IsCalculatedMembersEnabled = true; 
Me.olapClient1.IsCalculatedMembersEnabled = True 

A sample demo is available at the following location.

{system drive}:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio\<Version Number>\WPF\OlapClient.WPF\Samples\Product Showcase\CalculatedMembers