Interaction in WPF NumericUpdown (UpDown)

8 Jun 20213 minutes to read

This section explains about how to change the value by using mouse and keyboard in WPF UpDown control.

Keyboard and Mouse support

The UpDown control allows to increase or decrease the value by pressing up-arrow and down-arrow keys in keyboard or mouse wheel over the control. The Step property is used to specify the interval of increment or decrement.

Increment or decrement value in mouse wheel

You can increase or decrease the current value by scrolling over UpDown control. You can enable it by setting the IsScrollingOnCircle property as true. You can disable the value changing on mouse scrolling by using the IsScrollingOnCircle property as false. The default value of IsScrollingOnCircle property is true.

<syncfusion:UpDown Name="upDown" Width="100" Height="23" IsScrollingOnCircle="True" />
UpDown updown = new UpDown();
updown.Value = 10;
updown.IsScrollingOnCircle = true;

Changing value by scrolling Mouse in WPF UpDown


The Step property is used to specify the interval to increase or decrease the value while pressing the spin buttons in the UpDown control. For example, the Step value is set to 5 so that the UpDown control value increases or decreases by 5 while pressing the spin buttons.

Another way,

You can also increase or decrease the present value of UpDown control by using up-arrow and down-arrow keys in keyboard.

<syncfusion:UpDown Name="upDown" Value="10" Width="100" Height="23" Step="5"/>
updown.Value = 10;
updown.Width = 100;
updown.Height = 23;
updown.Step = 5;

Changing Step Value in WPF UpDown by clicking Spinbutton

Animation speed

When a value change in the UpDown control by using the repeated buttons, the transition from the current value to the new value is animated in UpDown control. The animation speed can be controlled by using AnimationSpeed property.


Specifying whether its 0 to 1 seconds or milliseconds.

<syncfusion:UpDown Name="upDown" Value="10" AnimationSpeed="0.5" Width="100" Height="23"/>
updown.Value = 10;
updown.Width = 100;
updown.Height = 23;
updown.AnimationSpeed = 0.5;

Animation Speed of WPF UpDown

Range Adorner

You can show the adorner over UpDown control based on the minimum and maximum values by setting EnableRangeAdorner property to true. The default value is false. You can also change the background color of the range adorner using RangeAdornerBackground property.

<syncfusion:UpDown Name="upDown" Height="25" Width="90" Value="40" RangeAdornerBackground="Gray" EnableRangeAdorner="True" MinValue="0" MaxValue="100" />
updown.MinValue = 0;
updown.MaxValue = 100;
updown.EnableRangeAdorner = true;
updown.RangeAdornerBackground = Brushes.Gray;

Range adorner in WPF UpDown