Quantitative Scale in WPF Bullet Graph (SfBulletGraph)

23 Oct 2019 / 1 minute to read

Quantitative scale contains two major components such as ticks and labels which gives the looks of bar graph. It defines the frequency of labels and tick marks with overall Minimum and Maximum values for declared Interval. The length of the quantitative scale can be customized by using the QuantitativeScaleLength property.

<syncfusion:SfBulletGraph QuantitativeScaleLength="300" Minimum="0" Maximum="10"  Interval="2"/>
SfBulletGraph bulletgraph = new SfBulletGraph();
    bulletgraph.QuantitativeScaleLength = 300;
    bulletgraph.Minimum = 0;
    bulletgraph.Maximum = 10;
    bulletgraph.Interval = 2;