Animation Support in UWP Menu (SfMenu)

10 May 20211 minute to read

SfMenu supports animation types to open the submenu pop-up. The following animation types are supported by SfMenu:

  • Fade
  • Slide
  • Scroll
  • None

Default ‘PopUpAnimationType’ is None.

Adding the Animation Support to an Application

The opening and closing of submenu popup animation can be changed by PopUpAnimationType property. If the PopUpAnimationType property is set to None, the submenu will open without any animation.

The Animation support can be added to an application, as shown in the following code snippet.

<menu:SfMenu  x:Name="Sfmenu" PopUpAnimationType="Slide"  >

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="File" >

<menu:SfMenuItem  Header="New" />

<menu:SfMenuItem  Header="Open" />

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Close" />


<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Edit">

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Undo" />

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Redo" />

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Cut" />

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Copy" />


<menu:SfMenuItem Header="View">

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Find Results" />

<menu:SfMenuItem Header="Other Windows" />